Para-Legal firm is a cost-effective solution for a person who can not afford instruct a solicitor.  

Although we employ only qualified Paralegals, however, we are not entitled to practise in the same way as solicitors or barristers. Therefore, in providing any legal services to you, we are not acting as solicitors or barristers, and we are not subject to many of the rules which regulate practising solicitors or barristers. This limits the services that we can provide to you. 


However, we can appoint a Solicitor or Barrister for certain tasks and continue to manage your legal case


We can provide you with legal assistance (as a Litigation Friend) and represent you before certain Tribunals and in the Small Claims Court, but we cannot exercise rights of audience in Court, meaning that we have no automatic right to represent you in any open court without the express permission of the Court.


Nevertheless, we can assist you and guide you through the court process and help you complete court documents.


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