Who we are and why we?

Legal ABC is a firm providing legal services and operating in England. We provide legal support and advice to litigants-in-person (those who represent themselves in court) in a wide range of cases. They may have been denied legal aid, been turned down by law firms or dealt with large cases themselves. If you're looking for a legal solution that is simple and straightforward, then Legal ABC is the best option for you. We provide a wide range of legal services that are tailored to meet your specific needs, and we always put our clients first.


Legal ABC was set up in 2018 following 15 years’ experience as a Legal Executive in private practice, and we are an independent company which means we are not restricted to working with a single solicitor or firm. We work closely with solicitors, barristers and specialist lawyers to offer the most appropriate assistance for your case. Alongside this we have a team of professional paralegals who can help with any more straightforward legal tasks such as preparation of court documents or administrative procedures.


Legal ABC provides a service for individuals who need advice and guidance on what their next steps are but cannot afford to pay for a solicitor.  Since pandemic, we have replaced our face-to-face consultations to video call or phone consultations to provide all the necessary advice, information and guidance required to ensure those individuals understand the process from start to finish.


Our lawyers can also draft certain legal documents that can be used by litigants in person, such as pleadings, particulars of claim, wills, contracts, agreements and more. In addition to providing this service for private individuals, we also offer bespoke procedures for public bodies such as County Councils and NHS trusts - enabling them to take on some of their own legal expenses so they are not always relying on third parties or outsourcing providers. The savings made through such services can then be reinvested into frontline services - either within the organisation or elsewhere in the local community.

We work with clients taking an individual approach, tailoring our services to meet the needs of each client and their legal issue.  

Best price guarantee

Looking for a reliable and affordable legal solution? Legal ABC provides a service for individuals who need advice and guidance on what their next steps are but cannot afford to pay for a solicitor. We offer a price guarantee on all of our services, so you can be sure you're getting the best value for your money. We are committed to providing our clients with first-rate services while keeping their best interests at heart.