FREE Will for over 55

 Our will writing team will provide you will drafting service free of charge (Terms and conditions apply), if you consider a donation to the charity of our choice.  We also won't charge you to store your will.  

Types of gift you could make in your will

After taking care of loved ones, you may choose to include a gift in your will to a cause you care about. There are three main types of gift that you can include in your will. These are:

Cash gift

A cash gift, known as a pecuniary gift is a fixed sum of money, for example, £5000. These gifts are paid out of your estate first, and then what is left is divided up as per your instructions in your will.

Residuary gift

This type of gift is a share of your estate, for example, 5%. Many people divide their estate into 100 equal units, and after giving to family and loved ones, they gift a number of units to charity.

Speak to us about how this can also help reduce your inheritance tax.

Specific gift

A specific gift is a nominated object, for example, artwork, a collection of records, or an antique. If you want to keep a particular item in your family, then this could be a good way to pass the item on.

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