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Personalised Client's Portal

With the help of the client portal dashboard, our clients can view all the invoices that are related to them. Using the integrated payment feature, our clients can view all their payment histories and can also pay the invoices due. 

Clients can request an appointment through the client portal.  Using this feature, our clients can contact caseworker easily without the pain of calling the firm again and again. 

Using the messaging feature, our clients can send and receive secure messages and documents to and from caseworker respectively.

Understanding disrepair Claims and entitlement to compensation

Over the past few years, there has been an increasing awareness of the importance of a healthy and safe living environment. This has resulted in several legislative changes regarding property conditions, which are considered harmful and may cause serious effects on health.

Another successful employment case

 Employment matters are always frustrating. However, we have successfully helped our client reach a settlement that includes a five-digit compensation sum for a potential unfair dismissal case.  


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    Henry, W.
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    Ibrahim, M.
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    Karol Orzel
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